Product Development - Lean and Agile

agile product development

The ability to react quickly to market changes, to develop the right products and to respond flexibly to customer requirements is indispensable to assert oneself in a global market environment.  In the context of agile product development, this is achieved through various core principles: prioritization and focusing, regular delivery of finished software increments and customer feedback, which is permanently integrated into the process.

We support you in this agile product development process and show you how you can effectively develop and refine a product vision with creativity techniques. We establish a continuous feedback process with your stakeholders and customers. Together with the team, we establish agile communication processes, tools and artifacts as a seamless interface between product management and development.

Design Thinking, DevOps and Agile Software techniques are methods to promote innovation and generate fast feedback cycles. 

Design Thinking

Design Thinking supports the agile product development process through creativity techniques in which people from different disciplines work together in an environment that promotes creativity. 


DevOps is a method for changing the culture of IT processes by closely intermeshing the development and deployment of software, making frequent deliveries possible. 

Agile Software Techniques

Agile development places high demands on every single team member. Good programming skills alone are no longer enough. In order for your team to deliver regularly, effectively and in high quality, good knowledge of agile software techniques is necessary.

We coach your developers and testers in the project and provide practices and support in Continuous Delivery, Test Driven Development, Clean Code, Refactoring and Pair Programming and support their teams and projects with experienced agile developers.

Consulting and training offerings

Design Thinking unterstützt den agilen Produktentwicklungsprozess durch Kreativitätstechniken, indem Menschen unterschiedlicher Disziplinen in einem Kreativität fördernden Umfeld zusammen arbeiten.

DevOps ist eine Methode zur Kulturveränderung von IT-Prozessen, indem Entwicklung und Deployment von Software eng miteinander verzahnt und somit häufige Auslieferungen möglich werden.

Agile Entwicklung stellt hohe Anforderungen an jedes einzelne Teammitglied. Gute Programmierkenntnisse alleine reichen nicht mehr aus. Damit Ihr Team regelmäßig, effektiv und in hoher Qualität liefern kann, sind gute Kenntnisse in agilen Softwaretechniken notwendig.

Wir coachen Ihre Entwickler und Tester im Projekt und vermitteln Praktiken und Hilfestellungen bei Continuous Delivery, Test Driven Development, Clean Code, Refactoring und Pair Programming und unterstützen ihre Teams und Projekte durch erfahrene agile Entwickler.

Our trainings

DevOps Foundations Workshop

DevOps is more than just “Dev” plus “Ops”. Despite the common misconception, it is also not just about tools and technology. It entails a mind-set shift to embrace the culture of continuous improvement, systems thinking, and continuous delivery of business value. This happens across the whole value stream and affects most of the organisation.

Agile Innovation Skills: Design Thinking

Agile meets Design Thinking: Add Design Thinking Skills to your agile toolbox and bring iterative approaches together with structured approaches to developing innovative ideas and solutions that truly delight your customers.

Agile Software Engineering for CSD - Certified Scrum Developer

You will get to know agile development techniques and concepts and thus create the basis for high-quality software and continuous delivery capability.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking starts with customers and leads teams to relevant innovations. The result: innovations that are not only technically feasible and economically attractive, but also solve real problems.