Agile Tour Luxembourg
/ Von Christian Braun

Hedi Buchner ist Teil der Agile Tour Luxembourg 2024.

Ihr Talk am 19. April trägt den Titel: Sustainable development needs inner development – agile steps towards a life-affirming future

Hierum geht´s:

Agility is used within our economic system to keep the business running and growing if possible. But let’s face it: this very system is the cause of the climate crisis and other related sustainability problems. Can we use agility as an „accelerator“ to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? What inner capabilities do we need to deal with these increasingly complex challenges and foster global transformation? What small steps can we start with to make a lasting impact?
The workshop aims to raise awareness of this challenge – and the responsibility that comes with it. As an inspiration, we will show concrete examples of Agilist:ins who have already embarked on a sustainable path. Together we explore the SDGs and develop ideas on how we, as agilists, can contribute to them: in product development, with our teams and organizations, but also in our personal lives. We will take a look at the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) and consider how they can enhance our agile competencies to achieve sustainable goals, for example through long-term orientation and caring for others.

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