Our learning journeys

Do you want to accelerate your Agile transformation? Take the next step.

A company…

is only as agile and innovative as its employees. That’s why people development is a central aspect of an agile transformation towards an adaptive organization. Our goal is for learning and change to become part of your DNA. That is why we designed our learning journeys.

The central agile roles – Agile Master & Coach, Product Owner and Agile Leader – act as multipliers and leaders in your organization. We give them the tools and skills to successfully and innovatively develop your teams, your products and your organization towards business agility. With this, your agile transformation takes off.
Learning happens as a mix of input and application, within a safe space and ‘on-the-job’. Our learning journeys combine a variety of methods and enable learning at all levels.
Offer your colleagues opportunities to grow and shape your company together in a flexible and future-oriented way. Our transformation coaches and trainers accompany you on your journey.

Input and application. Safe space and ‘on-the-job’ experiments.


Strategic learning at all levels

Let's start where you are

Depending on your experience (Basic – Advanced – Expert), we share knowledge and inspire. Always in a mix of training, discussion, exchange with peers, mentoring and ‘on the job’.

Interactive experience instead of PowerPoint Karaoke

We offer a selection of topics – you choose. The participants will get a taste of what it’s like to work in an agile organisation. They’ll directly apply methods to their everyday work challenges. Collaboratively and interactively. Company-wide and diverse. In action and in reflection. That’s what makes you become a learning organization.

Being able to try out

Knowledge is only one side of the coin. To really understand something, you have to experience it. We promise inspiration as well as the opportunity to try your learnings in the safe space of the learning journey. In the next step we offer coaching and mentoring when carrying out self-defined experiments in real life.

What agile role do you want to start with?

Agile Master/Coach

Do you want self-organized teams that build great products?

Then you need agile/scrum masters and coaches to develop your teams. You need Agile Coaches who know how to successfully set up the collaboration and coordination part of multiple teams in a scaled environment.

Product Owner

Do you want to develop innovative products and conquer new markets?

For product designers and creative minds, we have plenty of methods on how to implement product ideas iteratively and successfully. As intrapreneurs, your product owners learn to take on end-to-end responsibility and adopt a strategic perspective.

Agile Leader

Do you want to make your company adaptive and fit for the future?

We offer a whole new range of opportunities for action for leaders and organizational designers in a complex environment. Think, learn and live leadership in a new way – this includes self-leadership, leadership of teams and leadership of the organization.

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