Agile Transformation
Agile Transformation

Would you like to act more efficiently and effectively and benefit from methods such as Lean & Agile? We offer comprehensive support in the agile transition from consulting, training and coaching, so that you can successfully and sustainably advance agile principles in your organization.

Leading and Managing
agile Führung

Agile leadership includes the aspects: Leader, Manager, Entrepreneur, Domain Expert. Understand yourself and be authentic. Become a catalyst. Focus on value creation and flow. Create the environment for success with Agile.

Scaling Agile

Does an agile approach also work in larger structures or only in smaller teams? Originally conceived for smaller teams, agility can also be implemented very well in larger structures, but requires a certain adaptation. We usually start with SAFe, the most common framework for large agile projects, and develop the structures pragmatically with our customers.

Agile on a large scale is organizational design, leadership, lean thinking. New, additional organizational capabilities and employee skills are needed. It requires a change of processes, structures, culture and mindset.

Pragmatic Scaling means going beyond the frameworks, adapting the approach and integrating lean thinking and organizational development.

A Big Room Planning