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As a company, I would like to know ...

Do you also offer the courses In-house?

Yes, gladly. We can offer all courses In-house, targeting your needs, e.g. by expanding the content for specific requirements of your organisational environment.

Can you help to set up our own training programme?

We are happy to advise you on building a customised curriculum and/or providing the right services for you and your staff. Our trainings and coaching programme is used by many of our clients in conjunction with their own services.

How can I, as a training department, integrate online courses into my company's training programme?

Online courses are first and foremost knowledge transfer - but a complete training programme also includes face-to-face meetings, interactive webinars and supervision during practical application.

As a training participant, I would like to know ...

Should I expect a power-point battle?

We design courses interactively in a pleasant and open learning environment. Trust and participation are particularly important to us. Theory is experienced interactively in exercises. This consolidates concepts, rules and processes.

How do I use a voucher code?

On the page with the training dates or the page with the description of the training, click on the button "Book", then "Checkout". On the Checkout page you can enter the voucher code and the price will change.

Do I have any other advantages in the course?

In the trainings we use agile practices as learning methods. We trust that many new ideas and insights will emerge in the exchange among the participants. The participants are guided to work on content independently and to answer questions that arise more and more themselves.

Do you have more questions?

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