Agile Transformation

Develop and revolutionise your markets

The only constant in life is change - and recognising this is a paradigm shift for most companies. The secret of success? A mindset that considers change, innovation and learning as part of your company's DNA. A mindset that also values operational excellence and an efficient basis for known processes - and ensures a balance between the two. Your agile transformation results in an adaptive organisation that develops and revolutionises markets. The focus is always on people - both your customers and your employees.


What does agile transformation actually involve?

What's your goal? More agility in the market? Then you need business agility - and agile transformation is the way to get there. It combines and harmonises culture, leadership, strategy, organisational design and operational excellence.

The start-up phase: strategy and readiness

We see corporate transformation as a journey with many undiscovered destinations and areas along the way. A journey to the land of innovation and strategy. The organisation design mountain that stretches along value streams. The leadership culture continent. We discover all of it with you step by step and our joint journey is designed in an agile way: we focus on the next goal and weigh up the various routes available.

First, we find out together what you want to achieve strategically. Do your customers have new needs you want to meet? What new opportunities do you want to open up?
In the second step, you send out your scouts to smooth the path ahead. We call them the transition team. And you decide on the first stage of the journey: perhaps a pilot project that we implement with you. Together we create an understanding of what leadership means in this new situation.

Are you ready for the journey?

Your transformation has started, there are agile teams, you want to raise adaptivity in your organisation to a new level - it's time to live the change. We are happy to support you in making agility even more effective and anchoring it sustainably in your company. For your employees. For your customers. For your company.

We start with a joint assessment of the current situation. From this, we determine which destination you want to reach next:

  • Value stream orientation of the organisation design
  • Customer orientation
  • Deliverability
  • Enablement of employees and teams through Trainings and Coaching within the framework of learning path
  • Knowledge transfer and alignment in the organisation, community building
  • Сommunication with flight levels

We provide new perspectives and ideas. We provide experience and passion. We pass this passion on to your staff.

Right in the center of action instead of just participating - Transition and Evolution

Elements of an Agile Transformation

Every company follows its own journey, its own agile transformation - depending on many factors. We offer guidance and security through experience, methodological knowledge, pragmatism, a willingness to experiment, new perspectives and many options for action. And we proceed iteratively and feedback-orientated. We do agile organisational development and never lose sight of your goal.

Our Agile Transformation Coaches

How do we want to start?

Our offer is as individual as your task. Talk to us, we listen. We take the time to understand your situation. Holistically. Without obligation. Promise.

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