Certified Agile Leader CAL II –
Leadership development

Program Objective

You want to improve your personal agility and leadership style to support and drive culture change towards agility in uncertain times. Our training program for agile leaders and managers is a comprehensive learning journey.

Our goal is to enable your company to act and react faster, while providing added value to your customers and an inspiring and motivating workplace for your employees. We accompany you in the period of half a year to implement changes in yourself and in your organization.

Experienced trainers / coaches moderate active sessions

The focus of the program is on reflection and condensation of experience. All our trainers are also coaches, consultants and experienced practitioners.

Group work, case studies and active learning

Independent work, group work and input from the trainers ensure sustainable competence building.

Trying out and experiencing in a safe space

The protected space of the training helps to explore the limits of your current skills and to get to know each other in new and unkown situations.

What do you learn in this program?

We introduce models, practices and experiences that will help you to

  • continue to develop as an agile leader, aligned with your personal goals
  • drive the culture change towards agility
  • position your company to be competitive and responsive to market changes
  • keeping the focus on added value for stakeholders
  • create a motivating and inspiring workplace for your employees

You define your own experiments, which you implement in your context. You will receive coaching and feedback from both our professionals and your peers, who will provide you with new perspectives and impulses. Thus you expand your options for action and analytical skills.

Our training is particularly suitable if you

  • want to apply and deepen the knowledge you have acquired in a Certified Agile Leadership basic training course.
  • have practical experience as a leader, e.g. as a line manager or project/results manager.

Participation in at least two of the modules of the Certified Agile Leadership basic training CAL-E, CAL-T or CAL-O (or CAL-I) is a prerequisite for this program.

Key topics

Leadership in an agile context

  •  Your personal target image as a leader
  • Apply Leadership Agility as a development model
  • Use leadership styles and behaviors situationally
  • Coaching and feedback in groups of two

The agile organization in transition

  • Organizational culture
  • Systems thinking
  • Feedback loops, structures and processes
  • Clarify prerequisites for change
  • Understanding and avoiding resistance: Psychological safety and House of Change
  • Involving people: Communication and group events

Approach of the CAL II program

The focus of the program is on the moderated exchange of experiences among the participants. Independent work, group work and input from the trainers ensure sustainable competence building. You define your own experiments, which you implement in your context. You will receive coaching and feedback from our professionals as well as from your peers, who will provide you with surprising perspectives and impulses. In this way, you expand your options for action and analytical skills.

“An absolute asset for personal "growth", enabling to better support others in "growing" and making the organization a "better place to work" with better products for the customers

Oliver Gregortschek
Bayerischer Rundfunk


On-site or in-house? We offer our trainings in different formats.

More Insights for Agile Leaders

Your coaches in this training

Organization of the program

Our entire program is based on learning together in a peer learning group. We provide the framework for this:
  • introduction day to get to know each other (on site in Munich)
  • 8 peer group sessions á 2 h, every 2 weeks (virtual)
  • final day with final reports (on site in Munich)
  • 45min coaching session (by one of our coaches)
However, the essential development takes place between the sessions. Please allow sufficient time for this work (about 2h per week). During this time you will work independently on your personal goals and in group work on real “experiments” in your organization as well as on the in-depth examination of material provided by the trainer. You will meet with a peer for mutual coaching and exchange. This deepens the content from the basic modules, supplements and transfers it into practice. Joint reflection and feedback or input by the trainer ensure a sustainable development of competence. During the program, you will keep a learning diary, which you will present as a final report in the last session. This will cover both your personal development steps and the changes you made in your organization. Agenda 1 day introduction (if possible on site in Munich)
  • Getting to know each other
  • Creating topics for the program together
  • Define experiments
8 peer group sessions á 2 h, every 2 weeks (virtual)
  • Daily Scrum style: What has happened since the last meeting? What are the next steps? What questions and obstacles have arisen that the group can help with?
  • Content impulse, if necessary with deepening exercise in groups.
  • Assignment until the next meeting
1 Final day (if possible on site in Munich)
  • Presentation of the final reports
  • Celebrate
In addition, you can take 45min of personal coaching with one of our coaches.
For our live online trainings, we use innovative tools to provide a valuable learning experience for our training participants. Timing The training takes place over several sessions, between 09:00 and 18:00, during the booked period. Virtual training room. We create a shared video-audio “room” where we present and discuss content together (slides, videos, real-time visuals (e.g. virtual flipcharts)). Group Breakout Rooms. Break into virtual groups (just like creating table groups in a Face-2-Face training). Each virtual group (e.g. a group of 4 participants) works together on a group exercise in its own video/audio room. During the group work, the individual groups are individually supported by the trainer – just like in an on-site training. After an agreed time, all groups return to the main ‘training room’. Virtual whiteboards Visualisation plays an important role in our face-to-face trainings – this is of course also true online. Through visualisation tools, we share training content, enabling collaborative learning and sharing. Technical preparation Of course, everything should run smoothly right from the start. Therefore, before each of our live online trainings, a joint onboarding of all participants to our tools takes place. Technical platforms We use Zoom (optionally Microsoft Teams for in-house use) and Miro.
The most important thing about face-to-face events for us is to deliver training that excites you and protects everyone’s health. Time schedule The training takes place in the booked period all day, between 09:00 and 18:00. We have adapted the training concepts for this and also need your assistance to ensure the safety of all training participants and our trainers:
  • We conduct our trainings according to the 2G guidelines (vaccinated or recovered). In addition, we adhere to the current official guidelines (including mouth-nose protection, minimum distances, ventilation).
  • Please also observe the current hygiene concept of improuv or the hotel or co-working company where the training takes place. We will send this to you shortly before the training.
  • Please do not come to the training if you have symptoms that could indicate an infection. Please contact us at training@improuv.com, we will then rebook you for a subsequent training session without any problems.
  • If you test positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of the training, please notify us immediately. We will then of course inform the other training participants, trainers and supporters anonymously.
  What else we look out for:
  • To be able to ensure spacing, we have lowered the maximum number of participants.
  • We ensure regular ventilation and hygienic premises.
  For trainings in our office, Giesinger Bahnhofplatz 9, the following applies additionally: Please be sure to use mouth-nose protection throughout the stairwell and lift! There are medical practices in our office building.
We offer the following variants:
  • On-site and live online: We want to leverage the advantages of both face-to-face and online events. Our favorite setting is therefore hybrid: the framework events take place on-site with a hygiene concept to create a basis of trust, which is essential for learning success. Short touch points and regular sync appointments as well as coaching and mentoring take place live-online.
  • Live-Online: especially for distributed peer groups, it makes sense to organize the learning journey predominantly live-online.

Certification information

After attending the training, the trainer registers the participants with the Scrum Alliance for Certified Agile Leadership II .

Improuv is „Registered Education Provider“ of the Scrum Alliance.

Do you have any questions about the Trainings?

Nadine Bleck is our Account Manager and will answer all your questions about our Trainings.
She looks forward to your call.

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