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Two worlds come together through the introduction of agile. The “Old World” with it´s clear processes and milestones comes face to face with the “agile world” of flexible targets and self organizing teams. This meeting of two worlds can bring contradictions, friction and conflict.

Our promise? We work constructively at the interface between the old and new worlds to harness the diversity and to promote agile project management and agile software development through improvements such as:

We coach your managers and project managers in congruent leadership, agile planning and change management. We help you identify and remove the friction between agile and non-agile processes.

Agile leaders know that they depend on the motivation and skills of their employees and do everything they can to strengthen them:

  • They understand what lean and agile means and take responsibility for the success of the process. 
  • They have knowledge and practical experience in continuous improvement techniques and also train their staff in problem solving and improvement. 
  • They understand and disseminate agile and lean beliefs and behaviour. They do not act here with reference to a formal authority, but with conviction ("alignment" via "compliance"). This is largely compatible with the role model of the "Servant Leader" in Scrum, but goes further.
  • They know about the problems of handovers and try to avoid them.
  • Their primary task is to motivate and develop people, not to solve the problems themselves. 

If we introduce an agile approach in organizations, we start with a workshop for the management. In this workshop you will learn about the success conditions and pitfalls of agile transformation and propose measures that are tailored to your situation.

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