Paul Marshall

Paul Marshall

Agile Coach

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Agile Coaching

Enterprise Transition Coaching

Agile organizational development

I help companies become more agile because I believe that we get deeper satisfaction at work and more success in the long run when we start to see the real needs of customers as the most important thing. This fundamental alignment unleashes power, gets us moving, makes us innovative, and lets us work together more closely and with greater trust.

Paul is a Senior Agile Coach at improuv and has about 15 years of experience with agile methods. He first studied physics, then worked for many years in the software industry also as a manager, is a trained coach and facilitator and has been an Agile coach since 2015.

Coaching with Paul

“Agility is the new solution in the company, but what does that mean specifically for me and my job? Do my colleagues even participate? Is everyone running in the same direction? Are there conflicts? How do I deal with these issues?”

If these are questions that move you, I am happy to support you as a coach:

My approaches to personal coaching include:

  • Emphatic coaching according to Marshall B. Rosenberg
  • Working with beliefs according to Byron Katie
  • Work with metaphors
  • Levels of change according to Dilts

We can easily make an appointment by clicking the link on the button.

My offer to you:

  • your first coaching (duration: 1 hour) is free
  • after the trial coaching fee per hour: 200 EUR

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