Tina Rieger

Tina Rieger

Senior Agile Coach | Partner

Tina´s main topics

Agile Coaching

Team Coaching

Flight Levels

Tina Rieger has a network of broad experience and knowledge, which she likes to draw on when working with companies and teams. It is important for her to pick up teams and leadership where they are at the moment and to work out personal solutions together with them. It starts with getting to know the company and the people, making their problems and functioning processes transparent and creating focus.

For Tina, healthy change means individual support. Only if the agile approach fits the need and the own framework, teams and companies are methodically, personally as well as entrepreneurially well positioned.

Tina was a competitive athlete and fencing coach.

She looks back on over 20 years of professional experience. She was a controller with a high project share in a private bank. Later she went into the M&A field, preferably in a consulting and team support role. Today, she enjoys being an Agile Coach and Trainer. She is also a Systemic Coach and has worked extensively with team dynamics and communication, which she enjoys bringing to her work.

Tina holds a BBA of Management and Finance (Steinbeis University), is a business coach and trainer (TÜV), and has one year of training in Nonviolent Communication.

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