Nataljia Hellesoe

I am convinced that everyone has the abilities to make the best of themselves and their opportunities. Sometimes, however, it takes inspiration, a little push, changed framework conditions or like-minded people as support!

Natalija is an entrepreneur, trainer and coach focusing on leadership and responsibility, OKRs and remote collaboration. She supports teams and organisations to better understand their challenges, define value-adding goals and continuously improve.

Before starting her own business, Natalija worked for many years at the interface between HR, IT and communication and accompanied transformations in various organisations. Her work is characterised by a change of perspective and experimentation with new possibilities, which she draws from her collaboration with global networks, her travels and the great pleasure she takes in personal development.

Her company “OKRs at the Center” accompanies organisations on different stages of their OKR journey from implementation, scaling, internal training to continuous improvement. Together with Sonja Mewes, Natalija published this year the book “OKRs AT THE CENTER: How to use goals to drive ongoing change and create the organisation you want” with Sense & Respond Press.

Natalija is also an authorised trainer for “The Responsibility Process” by Christopher Avery, “Agile Talent (ICP-TAL)“ and “Agile Leadership” (ICP ALP) by ICAgile and a cooperation partner of improuv.

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