Zoi Natsiopoulou

Zoi Natsiopoulou

Agile Coach | Partner

Zoi´s main topics

Consulting & Coaching in scaled environments

Agile Team Coaching

Communication & Mediation

As a Scrum Master and business psychologist, Zoi supports teams in developing their competencies on an individual and team level. To do this, she creates a safe, value-based framework in which exchange, experimentation and learning are possible. Self-organized learning is, in her view, the most important prerequisite for delivery and effectiveness and, not least, employee satisfaction.

Thanks to her many years of corporate experience in channel management and her studies in business psychology, she brings both economic and psychological knowledge to her work and is able to mediate well between the different points of view. Personally, she finds the interdisciplinary exchange in the Agile community particularly exciting and likes to bring the psychological perspective into the discussion. One of her hobbies is the goal management system of objectives and key results – and how OKRs can contribute to alignment and focus in Agile organizations.

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