Sebastian Raguseo

Sebastian Raguseo (M.Sc.) is a Scrum Master and Product Owner (PSM I and PSPO I) in a permanent position at TechDivision GmbH. He works with the TechDivision teams as well as with the management to constantly advance the agility of the organisation.

He specialises in remote teams and is Scrum Master of two Scrum teams within a SAFe framework, working on the fusion capability of the contexts of about 80 Scrum teams in the banking environment and storing credentials for onboarding processes.

He is also a lecturer at ZWW Uni Augsburg and teaches the Agile Project Management seminar. He is also a co-organiser and speaker at the New Work Meetup Rosenheim, the TechTalk Meetup in Munich and the Fuckup Nights Munich. Previously, he worked as an architect for digitalisation at Alpma GmbH and as a system developer for control units at Schaeffler AG. As a Scrum Master, his work aims at effective self-organised teamwork, empowerment for continuous improvement and strengthening an agile mindset among all stakeholders.


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