XP 2023
/ Von Christian Braun

Jens Coldewey gibt am Freitag, 16. Juni, um 13:30 Uhr zusammen mit Diana Larssen einen Workshop zu „Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Agile Planning“.

Among the reasons for unhealthy and unsustainable working environments, overcommitment and bad planning practices certainly play a major role. This dysfunctionality sometimes comes despite the best intentions of leaders and other key players simply because of misconceptions about the role and objectives behind planning practices. Consequently, planning is still a big topic in Agile transitions. Even popular recipes seem to fail and “home-grown” approaches often lead into a waterfallish bureaucracy nightmare. In this immersive workshop you will explore the different objectives of planning in a complex environment and which tools and practices help to reach these objectives. Be prepared for some insights even if you’re an experienced agilist and for hands-on advice applicable from team level to complex scaled environments. This workshop is a result of the “Supporting Agile Adoptions” initiative of the Agile Alliance

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