Agile product development

Design Thinking and DevOPS are agile methods for agile product development to foster innovation and generate rapid feedback cycles.  

Design Thinking is based on the assumption that problems can be better solved when people from different disciplines work together in a creative environment. DevOps is a method to change the culture of IT processes by closely interlinking software development and deployment to enable frequent deliveries. 

DevOps Transformation: The next step in Agility

The inherent linear sequencing in Waterfall creates walls and barriers to collaboration between different roles and disciplines in the organisation. One such wall, of particular importance, is the lack of ongoing collaboration and communication between business and development teams. Agile has tried to break down this barrier by bringing the two disciplines to continually work together throughout iterations[1]. Further down the value delivery chain there is often a similar barrier between development and operations. The absence of tight collaboration between these two disciplines has been a major bottleneck, slowing down (and at times paralysing) timely delivery of software increments to customer. In the second decade of Agile, DevOps was born as a movement and a cultural shift to eliminate this very barrier.

Mutation Testing and Property Based Testing in a Nutshell

Daniel's and Seb's talk about fancy new testing techniques @ Clean Code Days 2016.

In particular, it's about Mutation Testing and Property Based Testing - in a nutshell. Both were discussed frequently during the last years' conferences. We think every developer should at least have heard about both testing techniques, that's why we did this talk. The slides contain theory, examples and pitfalls when applying both techniques.