Philipp Rautenberg

Philipp Rautenberg works for 12 years in agile projects. Retrospecive, his efforts reflect the digital change - technological, structural, cognitive. From experience, Philipp shapes agile transformations, slips into diverse roles within the agile environments, and conveys the customers point of view to teams - in order to optimize the entire value creation chain.

Philipp especially emphasizes implementing agile methods into the working culture of organizations. Fast feedback loops strengthen customer focus and enhance the natural cognitive learning curve. This keeps employees at their daily business on the road to success by ensuring organizational learning for their organization.

Philipp is mathematician, information- and neuroscientist (PhD). He works mainly as systemic & agile coach and is employee at improuv.

"I'm fascinated by catch22-solving & insight-engineering, coaching the organizational transformation: digital, systemic, cognitive - the agile way."