Scrum Certification

We are Registered Education Provider of Scrum Alliance and offer the full range of Scrum Certification Trainings. For an overview of public courses in English please refer to our Training Schedule.

Our trainings

Certified Scrum Master

You would like to know more about Scrum - learn how to work as a Scrum Master and acquire the "CSM Certified Scrum Master" certificate? In this course, you will learn about agile techniques to establish continuous improvement as a coach and facilitator in the team and the organization.

Certified Scrum Master - weltweit erster Kurs speziell für Scrum Masterinnen

Unser dreitägiges Scrum Masterinnen-Training richtet sich exklusiv an Frauen, die die Rolle als Scrum Masterin bereits wahrnehmen oder planen diese einzunehmen. Unsere Trainerinnen Sabine Canditt (improuv GmbH) und Anna Rudat (wibas GmbH) verfügen beide über langjährige Erfahrung und vermitteln Ihnen ein tiefgreifendes Verständnis für das Scrum-Framework. Sie lernen die Rollen, Ereignisse und Artefakte im Detail kennen und erfahren, wie die einzelnen Elemente ineinandergreifen und welche Bedeutung den Werten und Prinzipien dabei zukommt

Certified Scrum Product Owner

You are a Project- or Product-Manager, and want to use Scrum in your projects and earn the certificate "CSPO Certified Product Owner"? This course is aimed at those who are soon to be introducing Scrum or have gained work experience in a scrum environment. The focus is on the role of Product Owner: The course is primarily suitable for Project-Managers/ -Leaders, Product-Managers and executives.

Certified Agile Leader (CAL 1)

The course introduces the agile principles from a management perspective. It shows which role model, which values, principles and practices are suitable as prerequisites for this and guarantee the success of an agile approach in companies. The course serves as a qualification for the Certified Agile Leader.

Agile Software Engineering für CSD- Certified Scrum Developer

You will get to know agile development techniques and concepts and thus create the basis for high-quality software and continuous delivery capability.