Relevant questions that have to be clarified before the introduction of one or the other scaling framework.

Before deciding to introduce one or the other framework, we recommend that organizations ask themselves the following questions: 

  • Is my organization ready to support the intensive changes of processes, roles and culture?

  • Why is our development organization so large? Can't we develop in smaller units based on an improved code structure? A scaled implementation must ask itself whether it only wants to manage the defect or whether it actually triggers a far-reaching change process.

  • Do we want to establish a framework with fixed, predefined processes? Agility lives from change, a framework that is defined as standard would be the opposite of an agile method.

  • How agile is my organization already? Practices that bring breakthroughs in agility and productivity for one organization can be a step backwards for others.

  • In the case of SAFe, there is another question: Why do you need these roles and procedures at all, when agile culture is the most important secret of success? Isn't this complexity generally a false path?

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