Agile Leadership Learning Journey

Live online or on site. Your path to a new, agile leadership culture.

Things turn out differently than expected.

That's about the only certainty right now.
On their Agile Leadership journey executives, organizational developers, agile coaches and change agents learn to set focus, enable self-organization and activate the potential of all employees. They use constant change, the rapid advancement of new technologies and digitalization to shape the organization. This is how a new leadership culture is created.

We start where you are

Depending on your experience (Basic - Advanced - Expert), we provide knowledge and new impulses. Always in a mix of training, discussion, exchange in the team, mentoring and 'on the job'.

Learning within a Group

Just get flooded with information? Not with us. We offer a selection of topics - you choose. The participants decide about what and how new perspectives and approaches are relevant in their work in exchange with their peer group. Together and interactively. Interdepartmental and diverse. In action and in reflection.

Being able to try things out

Knowledge is only one side of the coin. To really understand something, you have to experience it. We promise to inspire you as well as to open up a safe space of the learning journey. Of course, we accompany you as you step into the rough and tumble of reality. We offer coaching and mentoring of the self-defined experiments in everyday work.

Learning modules for each experience level


Get to know the latest leadership concepts for agile organizations. Based on your awareness and understanding of the fundamentals of agile leadership, we work with three focus areas: lead yourself, lead your teams, and lead your organization.

Duration: approx. 6 months


Get to know agile scaling approaches and methods for lean portfolio management to achieve business agility at the organizational level. Input is provided by our experienced enterprise and leadership coaches and trainers.

Duration: approx. 6 months


As Expert Agile Leaders, participants know all relevant leadership concepts and already live them. For their further development, we provide them with a coach and mentor - for their own personal learning path.

Duration: approx. 6 months

“Cool, wie interaktiv, abwechslungsreich und mehrwertstiftend so ein digitales Trainingsformat sein kann. Guter Input auch für Arbeit in verteilten Teams.”

David Lindemann

Agile HR

Your travel guides, trainers and coaches

Organization of the learning journey

The basic concepts of agile leadership are taught in training sessions (1-2 days), in shorter learning units of 120 min, through professional articles and other media. The trainers provide impulses which are then processed interactively in group work.

The entire learning journey is structured as a peer group of approx. 12 participants within the company. We recommend that the peer group is cross-departmental and diverse. This results in different perspectives and learning takes place throughout the organization.

Regular exchange between the participants of the learning journey is a key success factor. At short intervals (every 4-8 weeks), the peer group members meet and apply their new knowledge by designing experiments for their everyday work. These experiments are then evaluated in the group. If requested a coach or mentor accompanies and supports your leaders. We recommend setting up a Community of Practice to embed the learning in the organization. We are happy to support you in starting the Community of Practice.

We offer the following options:

  • On-site and live-online: we aim to leverage the benefits of both face-to-face and online events. Our favorite setting is therefore hybrid: the core events take place on-site with a hygiene concept to create a basis of trust, which is essential for learning success. Short touch points and regular sync meetings as well as coaching and mentoring take place live-online.
  • Live-online: especially for distributed peer groups it makes sense to organize the learning journey predominantly live-online.

Based on the topics we propose you decide which topics are strategically relevant for you. If required, we add additional topics from our modular offer to achieve your learning objectives together.

Do you want to give your leaders, agile coaches and organizational developers the opportunity to acquire certifications on their learning journey?

Then we recommend our Agile Leadership certification trainings as a framework for the learning journey. We will be happy to put together the selection for you.

More Insights for Agile Leaders

You want to know more about our learning journeys?

Our learning journeys are as individual as your goals. Talk to us and let us determine your itinerary together.

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