Flight Level 2 Design (FL2D) Workshop

Live-Online or on-site. Deliver across multiple teams for your product, project, and services using flight levels.

Workshop Objective

Are you struggling with a lot of dependencies between your teams? Are you literally flooded with new requests while you need to get strategic initiatives on the road? Or are you facing the classic challenge of delivering value to your customers faster and on time with multiple teams?

"The main problem with a smooth flow of work is a lack of agile interactions between teams, not the agility of the teams themselves."

In this pragmatic Flight Level 2 Design workshop, we focus on finding the most viable approaches for improving cross-team agility in your very specific context.

Experienced Flight Level Guides give valuable practical tips

Our trainers and coaches not only pass on knowledge, but also give you tips & tricks for a pragmatic Flight Level Design in your context.

Interactive Experience instead of PowerPoint Karaoke

Just get flooded with information? Not in our workshops. If you book a training with improuv you will get a taste of what it´s like to work applying Flight Levels: collaboratively and interactively.

Being able to try out

Knowledge is only one side of the coin. To really understand something, you have to experience it. We promise inspiration as well as the opportunity to try out the learnings in the safe space of the training.

What do you learn in this workshop?

The workshop provides you with tools to establish cross-team agility. The workshop follows the Flight Levels Academy curriculum.

You will learn :
  • why and how to visualize work in a Flight Level 2 System and how to establish flow across teams
  • how to design and establish agile interactions in a Flight Level 2 system
  • how metrics and feedback loops at the coordination level contribute to continuous improvement.

Our Flight Level 2 Design Workshop is particulary suitable for

  • Team Leads and Managers
  • Department Heads, Tribe Leads
  • Product Leads
  • Agile Coaches
Prerequisite for participation is the Flight Level Introduction (FLIN) online course, which you can purchase in the course of booking the Flight Level 2 Design Workshop with us.


Visualize your Situation

What hinders and enables flow across team boundaries?

Create Focus

Figure out what you want to focus on.

Agile Interactions

Bring together the right people with the right issues at the right time.

Measure Progress

Decide and define how you will measure improvement.

Improve Operations and Collaboration

Translate what you learn into concrete actions and continuously improve.

Flight Levels Introduction FLIN Badge

FLIN - Introduction to Flight Levels

This online introductory workshop will provide you with a basic overview of:

  • what the Flight Levels model is all about
  • where and why to use it
  • using the workbook you analyze the initial situation in your organization in advance which leaves you well prepared for the more advanced Flight Level 2 Design Workshop

FLIN is a prerequisite for all advanced Flight Level workshops. As a participant of our Flight Level 2 Design Workshop you can purchase the FLIN online course for 69 Euro instead of 99 Euro.
You can purchase access to the FLIN Online Workshop in the course of booking the Flight Level 2 Design Workshop at the discounted price. Please select a suitable date for the Flight Level 2 Design Workshop and then add the FLIN course to your shopping cart in the next step.

The '3 for 2' promotion is not valid for this workshop. The participation prerequisite is valid for each participant i.e. you need to purchase 3 FLIN courses. You will receive one voucher per participant, which you can redeem on the Flight Levels Academy page.

KMP with Jens and Alisa was also great in the Online version: great expertise, perfect use of technology, amazing experience! Many thanks for the deep insights into Kanban!

Dieter Eschlbeck
Move your Project

Take 3, pay 2! - It pays to bring colleagues

Book the Training for two participants and get the participation for the third colleague for free!

Simply write the details for the third participant in the comments field when ordering and we will give you the participation for free.
Please note that the FLIN workshop is excluded from this offer and must be booked additionally if required.

*This offer is only valid for the same training date and cannot be combined with other offers. It is valid for the Flight Level 2 Design Workshop.

Our next events

Face-to-face, Live-Online or Inhouse? We offer our trainings in different formats.

Flight Level 2 Design Workshop (+ optional FLIN)
More Details
16.10.2023 - 17.10.2023

Early bird 1.890,00

Plus 19% MwSt
16.10.2023 / 09:00 - 18:00
17.10.2023 / 09:00 - 18:00
Time required approx. 4 Hours

Your Coach in this Workshop

More Insights regarding Flight Levels

Training organisation

We offer the following variants of this training:

    • Face-to-face Training
    • Live-Online Training
    • Both variants also available as Inhouse Training

For our live online trainings, we use innovative tools to provide a valuable learning experience for our training participants.


The training takes place over several sessions, between 09:00 and 18:00, during the booked period.

Virtual training room.

We create a shared video/audio “room” where we present and discuss content together (slides, videos, real-time visuals (e.g. virtual flipcharts)).

Group Breakout Rooms.

Break into virtual groups (just like creating table groups in a Face-2-Face training). Each virtual group (e.g. a group of 4 participants) works together on a group exercise in its own video/audio room. During the group work, the individual groups are individually supported by the trainer – just like in an on-site training. After an agreed time, all groups return to the main ‘training room’.

Virtual whiteboards

Visualisation plays an important role in our face-to-face trainings – this is of course also true online. Through visualisation tools, we share training content, enabling collaborative learning and sharing.

Technical preparation

Of course, everything should run smoothly right from the start. Therefore, before each of our live online trainings, a joint onboarding of all participants to our tools takes place.

Technical platforms

We use Zoom (optionally Microsoft Teams for in-house use) and Miro.

  • Please do not come to the training if you have symptoms of any sickness. Please contact us at training@improuv.com, we will then rebook you for a subsequent training session without any problems.
  • Please use Corona self-test. On site we will provide tests for free.

Time schedule

The training takes place in the booked period all day, between 09:00 and 18:00.

For trainings in our office, Giesinger Bahnhofplatz 9, the following applies additionally:
Please be sure to use mouth-nose protection throughout the stairwell and lift! There are medical practices in our office building.

Information about certification

This workshop is certified by the Flight Levels Academy. Participants will receive a "Certificate of Completion" from the Flight Levels Academy after completing the workshop.

The knowledge imparted in the Flight Level 2 Design Workshop (FL2D) is a basic prerequisite on your journey towards becoming certified Flight Levels Coach (FLC).

Do you have any questions about the Trainings?

Nadine Bleck is our Account Manager and will answer all your questions about our Trainings.
She looks forward to your call.

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