Submitted by Stuart Fish on Tue, 01/28/2014 - 14:01

Greetings from an Agile Scot. After 24 years in Scotland and then 11 in Finland, I settled in Bavaria 10 years ago. I´m excited to have joined improuv as a Senior Agile Consultant and have the opportunity to add my range of international experience to improuv´s professional portfolio. I enjoy understanding and helping organizations evolve to excellence and enabling them to breakdown barriers to create cultures of innovation and creative problem solving. Having worked in agile roles ranging from strategic planning, multi-team/multi-country coaching and product development to “greenfield” startup, I like to energize teams and organizations to increase value delivered to customers, owners, and employees. If I had to describe my approach to work (and life) in two words, then those words would be “people first” – it´s people who make a difference.

In my free time I´m kept busy by my 3 year old son and Oberbayrische wife. Our son is a combination of the best (and liveliest) traits of Bavaria and Scotland – the living definition of “Spitzbube”!

Übrigens, als neuer Bayer spreche ich schon gut Bayerisch!