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Agile and Evolution of Organisations

New species in the improuv habitat: the System Biologist

I joined improuv a while ago, because they have a knack with "evolving systems". My scientific background are Complex Adaptive System Dynamics and Evolutionary Strategies. After a decade in Organisational Learning & Development, Enabling and Global Capability Creation in large IT enterprises, I wanted to focus more on Coaching than on Project Portfolio Management. "Agile" for me means: "fitness for a business eco system, where disruptions are common".

To me organisations always had more in common with organisms and eco systems than with buildings or engines(engineering). Humans are not machines. Teams are not just a bunch of people. Nor are organisations just a bunch of teams or Profit Centers. In my opinion Adaptability is the dominant factor for companies to thrive in a world with accelerating connectivity dynamics. And Organisational Adaptability is a continuous, collaborative learning effort. I am looking forward to continue to learn and support others with their learning.