New Kid on the Blog

Jens Coldewey , Mon, 27.01.2014 - 13:29

Being an Agile Enthusiast for 15 years now I'm excited to join the highly professional Munich team of improuv as Principal Consultant. An Agile Transition is an ambitious change of an organisation.  My basic approach is not to introduce some new method into the organization, no matter whether it is Scrum, Kanban or whatever. I use these methods and other tools, such as Human Systems Dynamics, to help the organization gaining transparency of what their real impediments are and where the levers are, thus helping them to enter into an agile learning loop. This often leads to a fundamental cultural change and a change of leadership approaches in which Scrum or Kanban are only first steps. Once they are established, the real work begins.


Privately I enjoy spending my time with my spouse and my 7-year-old son, skiing, mountaineering