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New to improuv

Hi, hello, I am new to improuv!

After more than a decade of freelancing in different IT projects and roles, I got the opportunity to join improuv - and I took it. With me I bring some years of experience in software development, which helps me to talk to people in IT business, and understand their daily work, and I can share my hands-on knowledge. And I bring lots of training experiences, that I use for meetings and workshops, to keep the participants engaged and help them contribute and learn with efficiency and fun. And I bring some knowledge in coaching: with this I build bridges to people and teams, connecting them with other teams, customers, managers, in gerneral other people, as well as connecting them with their values and principles, and the goals they strive for. And of course I have a broad knowledge of the agile mindset, agile methodologies, agile practices and I support people in teams by sharing my knowledge and experiences for their goals, their prospering in today's frequently changing markets.

In joining improuv I see the opportunity of working with colleagues, discussing, learning, and growing together, finding new solutions, making new experiences and managing challenges. I am sure, that these advantages pay off for everybody, our customers, improuv, my colleagues, and myself. Thank you for having me here :-)