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improuv is an agile consultancy. We support enterprises in their agile journey. Our expertise is Scrum, Kanban, and Lean & Agile software development.

We support companies with their Agile Transtion, the introduction of Scum and Kanban, scaling agile within large enterprises and guiding companies through organizational change. As Lean Agile trainers, coaches and software developers we help our clients visualize their business and development processes in a larger context, allowing them to maximize their potential through the optimal use of agile methodologies.

Our team of talented and experienced consultants help organizations and people enjoy working together to cooperatively deliver high quality valuable software.

We offer:

  • Training and Certification in Scrum, Kanban and SAFe
  • Agile Transformation - the introduction of agile methods into the enterprise
  • Agile Evolution - agile metrics, self-assessement and continuous improvement
  • Agile Software Development - Continuous Delivery , Test-Driven - Development , Clean Code , XP

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