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Klaus Leopold

Management Consultant, Co-Founder of the Flight Levels Academy and LEANability

Dr. Klaus Leopold is a computer scientist and, as a top management consultant, has been helping companies all over the world to move agilely in the market for more than ten years. Klaus developed the Flight Levels model because he repeatedly observes a phenomenon in the practice of agile transformations: Teams are “agilized,” but these local optimizations do not add up to an agile business, even though that was a stated goal. In his book “Rethinking Agility,” he shows how to avoid this error from the very beginning and what makes for true agility when aligning an organization with the demands of the market. In his early years in the Agile community, Klaus worked intensively with Kanban and wrote two standard works on the subject with “Kanban in Practice” and as co-author of “Kanban in IT”. Today, his focus is on using the Flight Levels model to provide a non-prescriptive thinking framework that organizations can use to find their individual path to greater business agility.

He shares his thoughts, experiences and insights on the blog of www.leanability.com and as @klausleopold on Twitter.

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