Agile Transformation

Agile transformation

Agile transformation as the way to an agile organization - what does this mean for your company? What are the prerequisites within the organization to successfully implement agility? From orientation to transition to evolution, we accompany your company on its way to agility and work with you to develop the optimal approach for your situation. Improvements are introduced and reviewed in small steps before the next steps are taken. 

Prerequisite for success

For a successful agile transformation you need several central elements:
  • a clear goal, a value proposition and a sponsor who anchors this goal in the organization. As with any change, there will be challenges and resistance. The sponsor and the drivers must be determined to go through the transformation.
  • a continuous learning process. Unlike a classic change project, there is no fixed end. You lead your organization into continuous development

Our approach

However, there are clear steps to be taken: Orientation, transition and evolution. We have developed the Agile Evolution approach, which provides a flexible framework and tools for each phase, and metrics for evaluating success and the need for change.
  • Orientation - the decision for Agil 
    Calculate the benefits for your organization - we support you in identifying potential benefits, in developing the success criteria and the business case.
  • Transition - developing the organization
    A sustainable agile transition can only be driven within the organization. We help you with the design and implementation; however, we cannot replace your commitment to an agile corporate culture. Therefore, the first working step of the Transition Change Agents and Sponsors has to be identified.
  • Agile Evolution - permanent sustainable development
    Change today is not a unique project, but a paradigm shift towards constant change. We help you get started and moderate the change process with a focus on agile culture, optimization of "flow of value" and sustainable innovation.



Consulting and training offerings

Our trainings

Agile Evolution - Starting and Driving Agile Transformation

Agile Evolution is a change approach to successfully introduce agile values such as cooperative work, product quality, continuous improvement and reliable delivery in an organization.

Agile Assessment

We evaluate your current processes and practices and identify opportunities for Agile improvement. As required, we will work with you to define an improvement roadmap.

Agile transition for teams

We start with training to introduce Scrum or Kanban to each team. We then support your team through their first change steps via feedback and coaching. Together with your teams, we develop a set of rules, structures and values ​​that support the sustainable and continuous improvement of agile practices.

Agile Evolution

Agility started as a means of improving software development. It has become a strategic tool and the preferred way of the entire company to conduct business. Agile changes all structures, the culture and the way of working.
Introducing Agil is not a normal change project, it requires a significant change in habits, practices, collaboration, product development and, ultimately, culture. It is first of all a fundamental paradigm shift towards continuous development. It requires continuous development.