The Value Stream workshop presents a structured, proven approach for collaborating with stakeholders to define and optimise Value Streams. Organising around value entails considerable benefits to agility at scale empowering organisations to focus on delivering value, reduce time-to-market, and learn faster.

Value Streams in the context of Lean product development, represent a realisation of Systems Thinking: moving away from organising around silos towards establishing an end-to-end collaboration around value to creat a system flow.

In this workshop, after an introduction to the concept of value streams and the practice of value stream visualisation, participants have the opportunity to apply the learnings to their own organisational context to identify a sample value stream. The workshop helps participants take a structured but pragmatic approach in optimising their organisational design (e.g. de-scaling vs. scaling) by considering coordination requirements, dependencies, work distribution, and organizational change impact.

Learning Objectives Value Stream Workshop:

As a participant, you can:

  • Explain the concept of Value Steams: organising product teams around value
  • Explain how value steams help enterprises gain continuous flow and deliver value
  • Learn the concept and practice of moving away from project-centric and/or silo-based product development towards organising and optimising around value
  • Define and visualise a value stream in my own context


  • Have prior practical experience with Agile and Lean (product development)
  • Bring your own organisational context to the workshop. This workshop is about you working on your organisational context.
  • Have reviewed pre-course material (provided by improuv)

Target Audience:

  • Executives and Leaders, Directors, and Managers
  • Program and Portfolio Managers
  • Internal Lean/Agile Change Agents