Kanban Management Professional (KMP II)


With the second module for certification as Kanban Management Professional (KMP) you understand the levers that Kanban offers for improvement and can apply different metrics in practical use.


Kanban is a highly effective way of thinking to initiate change in organizations. After you have introduced a Kanban system, you need to bring the continuous improvement process to life and systematically drive it forward. In this second block of the Kanban Management Professional curriculum you will receive the necessary tools. 

What are the main contents of the course? You will get a first insight into the extensive toolbox that Kanban offers to support improvement processes and to create realistic plans on an empirical basis.

  • The Seven Cadences in Kanban
  • Replenishment and multi-level commitments
  • Standup Meeting
  • Plan delivery
  • Service Delivery reviewn and improve
  • Improve processes
  • Minimize risks
  • Introduction to empirical planning

After the course, you can:

  • Build an organization that uses Kanban to systematically improve its performance.
  • find meaningful metrics in order to be able to metrically accompany typical improvement scenarios
  • Plan projects realistically on the basis of measured data
  • further develop your organization towards a "learning organization

Format: Interactive workshop with presentations, exercises and exchange of experiences.
Duration: 2 days

This course is the second and last block for the certification as Kanban Management Professional (KMP) of the Kanban University. All participants will receive a certificate of participation from the Kanban University. If your participation in the "Kanban System Design" course is already registered, the Kanban University will automatically issue you with a certificate as a "Kanban Management Professional".

Questions & Answers
I have already taken a 2-day Kanban basic course with another provider. Is that credited, too?
In addition to our Kanban System Design course, you can have all courses that were conducted by an accredited Kanban trainer and registered as "Kanban Management Foundations I" courses at the Kanban University credited. 
I haven't taken a course, but I've had a lot of experience with Kanban. Can't I skip the first block?
No. The rates are updated regularly and reflect the latest state of Kanban. The blocks build on each other in terms of content.
Can we book both blocks directly one after the other, for example as in-house training?
Even if the certification guidelines do not explicitly exclude this, a practical phase of a few months between the two blocks is strongly recommended. We therefore do not offer directly consecutive blocks.

The course is aimed at managers and change agents who have already participated in the Kanban System Design course.
You have implemented a Kanban system and would like to use it to further improve your service quality? Then this course will provide you with tools and metrics to drive these improvements systematically and transparently.
You use Kanban and want to create realistic medium- to long-term plans? In this course you will get a first introduction to empirical planning with Kanban.


Datum Ort Trainer Sprache Preis
18.03.2020 - 19.03.2020 München Jens Coldewey, Alisa Ströbele German 1300 € netto, Early bird