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Enterprise Services Planning Program (en)

Enterprise Services Planning (ESP) is a framework of tools that leaders of 21st Century knowledge-work enterprises can apply to their strategic and capacity planning. ESP is often described as the equivalent of MRP for a professional services business. Such businesses employ many educated professionals, who think for a living, perform largely invisible work, and deliver mostly intangible products and services to customers. Such businesses are increasingly exposed to VUCA - the conditions of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Does this sound like your enterprise? ESP can help!

ESP complements the delivery capabilities generated by Kanban "from the middle" and agile approaches "from the bottom up"  and connects them "at the top" with the models and tools you need to manage on enterprise level. We offer a Enterprise Serverices Planning Training in cooperation with Alexei Zheglov, one of the ESP originators and a co-author of the new book, Fit-for-Purpose: How Modern Businesses Find, Satisfy & Keep Customers. 

You can choose between a 2-day "Executive Track" or an 5-day "Become an Expert Track"

Who Should Attend

  • The ESP Executive Track (two days: Monday-Tuesday) offers executives new options and tools to lead their enterprises in the world of VUCA
  • The ESP Become-an-Expert Track (full week) additionally immerses managers and change agents into practical tools needed to support this mission

What You'll Learn


ESP is a five-day immersive training program divided into five modules.  Depending on your role in your company, you can take just module 1&2 (2-day Executive Track) or the entire program (5-day Become-an-Expert-Track).

Module 1 - Strategic Planning: Fitness for purpose, Organizational Risk and Alignment
Module 2 - Product and Portfolio Management I: Cost of Delay and Business Risk Assessment
Module 3 - Product and Portfolio Management II: Shaping Demand and Hedging Risk
Module 4 - Project Planning and Forecasting: Data, Metrics, and Delivery Risk
Module 5 - Scaling and Managing Dependencies: Achieving Enterprise Alignment and Predictability