You are a manager and are looking for an introduction to the topic of agility. You want to get an overview of Agile methods in order to decide which methods can be used profitably in your company.

The course provides the business case of Agil, the basics and general conditions for the use of agility and gives insights into methods such as Design Thinking, Scrum and Kanban.

At a glance

What do I learn in this class?
  • What is the business case for Agil?
  • Framework conditions and basic elements of agile methods
  • Overview and comparison of the methods Scrum, Kanban and Design Thinking
  • The fields of application and possible uses of the methods 
After the class, you know:
  • Which methods exist and where the differences lie
  • Which methods are suitable in which environment
  • How to start with agility
Format: Interactive workshop with presentations, exercises and exchange of experiences.
Duration: 2 days


Day 1
9:00 am -17:00 pm 
The Business Case for Agil
  • When and why do I need to be agile, and when not?
  • History, Value Principles, Future of Agile
  • Spectrum of methods
design thinking
  • Practical introduction to Design Thinking in product development
  • fields
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Pitfalls
  • Scrum process, roles, artifacts, meetings
  • What is a good team
  • What framework conditions does a good team need?
Day 2
9:00 am -17:00 pm 
lean thinking
  • What makes agile methods effective?
  • The Lean Element in Agility
  • Concepts and Elements of Kanban
  • Kanban Exercise
  • possible applications
Roles in an agile company
  • Manager, Team, Scrum Master, Product Owner
  • How do I lead an agile team?
Introduction of Agil
  • How to set up an agile environment
  • Overview of scaling of agile teams


The course offers the possibility to obtain the certification "ICAgile Certified Professional". In addition to active participation in an Agile Fundamentals course, the prerequisite for certification is completion of a feedback form at ICAgile.
This course is an accredited Agile Fundamentals course. After the course we will register you as a new member of ICAgile. ICAgile will then send you a personalized link to the feedback form. Your certificate will be sent to you after completion of the form. The certificate does not expire.
improuv is a partner organization of ICAgile.

Target audience

The course is aimed at executives or managers who want to introduce an agile approach in their company and are looking for orientation in the approach and selection of the appropriate method.