Design Thinking and DevOPS are agile methods for agile product development to foster innovation and generate rapid feedback cycles.  

Design Thinking is based on the assumption that problems can be better solved when people from different disciplines work together in a creative environment. DevOps is a method to change the culture of IT processes by closely interlinking software development and deployment to enable frequent deliveries. 

Our trainings


Agile Innovation Skills: Design Thinking

Agile meets Design Thinking: Add Design Thinking Skills to your agile toolbox and bring iterative approaches together with structured approaches to developing innovative ideas and solutions that truly delight your customers.


DevOps Foundations Workshop

DevOps is more than just “Dev” plus “Ops”. Despite the common misconception, it is also not just about tools and technology. It entails a mind-set shift to embrace the culture of continuous improvement, systems thinking, and continuous delivery of business value. This happens across the whole value stream and affects most of the organisation.