LeSS Huge Framework

You want to implement large to huge products with many teams?

With "Large-Scale Scrum" Craig Larman and Bas Vodde offer a lean way to enable large companies - also globally distributed - to use the advantages of agility. They offer the most complete and focused guidance for working with Scrum in a scaled environment: with signposts - focused on essential agile principles and proven methods of success in everyday life.

Big product developments with LeSS

"Scrum is simple - it's just One-Team-LeSS!" - The framework "Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS)" offers a lean way to use Scrum in large product developments without moving away from the core ideas and principles of Scrum.

The focus here is on the question of a product definition considered by the customer and the transformation to cross-functional feature teams that can create value for the customer in short cycles, and this in interaction with several to many teams. What becomes very clear is the clear assignment of product owners to the product and not to individual teams. Basic knowledge from the areas of queuing theory, lean management and systems thinking are revealed as central elements. The latter in particular often presents itself as a major challenge in large organizations.

Large-Scale Scrum provides help:

  • the implementation of proven the Scrum framework for development in large environments
  • scaling of requirements, planning and product management
  • the scaling of design and architecture
  • effectively manage errors and interruptions
  • the successful implementation of Scrum in multisite and offshore projects
  • the selection of the right implementation strategy and organizational design

The knowledge gained from many years of experience in multinational corporations is an important source for project participants in large companies at all levels: for anyone who wants to maximize the value of Scrum in large, complex product developments.

We have experience with the adoption of Large-Scale Scrum in companies and our certified LeSS consultants are happy to support you in the implementation within your organization or with an introduction to LeSS as a company-specific course.