Enabling the Agile Transition
We strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of companies by helping them to adapt to and survive the rapid changes in the markets, to prosper and to develop in a holistic manner. We help them to achieve a sustainable transition to lean and agile. This also means changing culture and values; this transition is more than a "normal" process of change: it is a paradigm shift in a world of continuous development, adaptation and learning.
Empowerment and Exzellenz

We are the catalyst for the targeted development of people and systems so that they are enabled and motivated to independently master the new challenges: our topic is Enablement and Empowerment.

We implement this at different levels and throughout the entire process. We help individuals to experience their work as fulfilling and to work happier. We want to inspire to develop valuable products or solutions and thereby create value for users and customers

We not only deliver concepts, we also accompany our customers through the efforts of implementation We see the value of quality and strive for excellence

Who we are

We not only preach agility, we are also agile in our hearts, we use the principles and live the culture. 

We are self organized and aware of the power that comes from empowerment and autonomy. 

We take entrepreneurial responsibility for improuv and help each other to do that. 

We are different, and this diversity gives us strength and makes us something special. We respect the different needs of others and work together to find common solutions.

Community of Learning Addicts

We are a community of inquisitive learners: we strive for excellence and support each other in growing and constantly inventing new opportunities.  

We are at improuv because we enjoy working together and seek fulfillment in our work.  Passion drives us - money is not the primary motivator, but we want to earn enough money to get the topic off the table.