Ugur Akin

Ugur Akin

Product Strategy & Discovery Coach | Trainer

Ugur´s main topics

Product & Customer Workshops

Scaled Agile Trainings

Team Development

Ugur believes that the success of a product depends on customer satisfaction. To achieve this, he believes it is important for the team to be transparent, empowered, and work at the same level with motivated colleagues. The needs of teams, customers, users, and the company should be considered. Clear goals and expectations should be defined together.

To achieve this goal, Ugur uses a broad repertoire of practices to ideate, test, and deliver products to customers. He also brings his skills in Professional Coaching to support the team and the company. Motivational collaboration is the essence of high-performance teams and should help ensure that the customer is absolutely satisfied with the product.

Ugur holds degrees in Business Informatics, Business Computer Science and Business Administration. He has been working as a Test Lead, Business Analyst, Subject Architect, Product Owner, Agile Coach & Product Strategy Coach for over 7 years.

Working with Ugur

  • Identify product problems
  • Elaborate customer needs
  • Product Owner, Product Manager Coaching & Mentoring (CSP-PO)
  • SAFe, Scrum, Management 3.0 trainings and consulting (SPC, M3.0)
  • Product Discovery, Lean Startup, Design Thinking Workshops
  • Team development and sharing (CSP-SM)
  • Individual Coaching (ICF, Co-Active)

Ugur´s offer to you:

  • Free strategy meeting
  • Free consulting and customized offer

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