Tina Seidenfaden

Tina Seidenfaden

Agile Coach

Tina´s main topics

Agile Coaching

Team Coaching


Tina loves to take the point of view of her counterpart and to illuminate a situation from different perspectives. Her goal is always to create the optimal conditions for communication in the team or organization. She supports teams and organizations pragmatically on their way there. Together they work to better understand challenges, define goals and continuously improve.

Tina has over 25 years of experience in the communications industry – customer centricity and aligning communication with defined user groups has always been part of her approach. The curiosity to always meet new teams and organizations, build relationships and work towards a common goal are the essence of her way of working.

Tina brings a wealth of experience as a consultant and project manager in various industries, including insurance, banking, energy, IT and automotive.

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