Hedi Buchner

Hedi Buchner

Transformation Coach | Partner

Hedi´s main topics

Organizational Design

Agile Team- & Leadership Coaching

Transformation Coaching & Consultung

As an Agile Coach, Organizational Psychologist and Entrepreneur, I am passionate about always putting people and our planet first. No matter what kind of business transformation it is – whether towards sustainability, agility or a new way of working – we can only make a difference together. My passion is to support each individual, teams and the company as a whole to achieve the common goal and vision. Iteratively, with the courage to experiment and always with the whole system in mind.

Hedi has over 15 years of experience in organizational development for a wide variety of companies and was the managing partner of improuv GmbH for four years. She holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science (Dipl.) and Industrial and Organizational Psychology (M.A.), is a Certified Agile Leader (Scrum Alliance) and Consultant for Global Change (Terra Institute).

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