This is improuv.

The world around us is constantly changing. We help you ensure that your company and your employees shape the future - successfully and while having fun.

Agile consulting and training - since 2011

Agile passion

We can't imagine not working agile. That's why we are actively participating in the agile community, organise the monthly Agile Tuesdays, our Agile World conference, write books about agility and live it every day. Passion, after all.


The Agile Manifesto already says: "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools". This is our guiding principle for collaboration - with our clients as well as within improuv. This is how we enable sustainable change.

Open & Diverse

Young, old, female, male or diverse. These are all categories that are of no interest to us. On the other hand, each of us is open to new views. Our enthusiasm for learning is what defines us.

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Feel forward

When people meet on a level footing and create space for experimentation, their potential unfolds.

When your organisation finds the right balance of efficiency and resilience, it delivers outstanding performance. Change is an opportunity, that’s how innovation happens.

With our consulting approach, we draw on your strengths and start the journey with you and your staff to becoming an adaptive organisation.

You and your colleagues don’t have to become superhuman – the superpower is already inside you. We work with you to improve skills, structures of cooperation and strategy that work best for you and your market environment. That’s what we do best, and that’s what we enjoy the most.

Our contribution to a sustainable future

Climate neutral

The first step on our journey to greater sustainability in practice is to record our corporate carbon footprint.
The second step is to offset and reduce CO2 by implementing the measures with the greatest impact.

Community work and education

We can only meet the complex challenges of our time and especially climate change with all its socio-political consequences together - that's why we are involved in the community, share our knowledge at conferences and also continue to learn ourselves. In order to be able to assume our social responsibility in a targeted and active manner. In the corporate as well as in the private context.


We want to leverage our experience in agile transformations, creating innovative environments and human-centered corporate cultures to help other companies with their sustainability transformations.
Agile principles and approaches are a successful way to bring sustainability thinking and action to life in organizations.

Economy for the common good - Focus Report

The economy for the common good (ECG) establishes an ethical economic model. The well-being of people and the environment becomes the primary goal of economic activity. At improuv, we use the ECG as an orientation framework on our way towards the future. It offers us the possibility of a self-assessment, as well as the implementation of various sustainability aspects. As an introduction to the GWÖ, we have decided to create the Focus Report

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