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Brain Based Learning – six Trumps and none of them called Donald!

I am a Scaled Agile Framework coach and trainer and it amuses me to sometimes see the blood drain from the faces of Agile practitioners when I say "yeah, I really like SAFe, I´ve learned a lot" :).  The reaction comes from interpretation. The Big Picture really is Big. When I give a Leading SAFe course and ask for feedback at the end, participants often say "Wow, I never knew there was so much in it, I´m really going to need to sit down and think about this".

I'm up in the North of Germany supporting a customer improve their Agile practices and their probability of getting a complex multi-platform product out into the market. I´m not allowed to say who they are, but let's just say that they face a range of common challenges and that they plan to enter a competitive international market that places a high value on simplicity and usability.

Last week I had the pleasure of helping a client, IGO SAS, define their business model and prioritize their epics (high level features) for development, allowing them to be able to better explain to investors how they plan to spend "new" money to release value (and start making money for the investors). With the premission of IGO, I´d like to share some feedback from our workshop.

After much preparation and planning, Krishan and I now have our first two Leading SAFe courses behind us. The first course comprised members of the Agile Tuesday community.

Greetings from an Agile Scot. After 24 years in Scotland and then 11 in Finland, I settled in Bavaria 10 years ago. I´m excited to have joined improuv as a Senior Agile Consultant and have the opportunity to add my range of international experience to improuv´s professional portfolio. I enjoy understanding and helping organizations evolve to excellence and enabling them to breakdown barriers to create cultures of innovation and creative problem solving.